A Look at the Stones Concert Rider

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When the Rolling Stones come to Halifax next month, they’ll want to watch cricket on the telly and play billiards on their own table.

The concert rider for the Bigger Bang tour, posted on the Smoking Gun website, specifies how the band wants each of its large shows to run. For example, Mick Jagger’s dressing room, dubbed Work Out, needs to have a high-speed Internet connection and satellite or cable television.

“Please find out what channel is showing cricket,” says the rider. “That is the channel we need most of all.”

Don’t worry about providing a TV, though. Sir Mick brings his own.

In his dressing room, the strutting front man also demands four electrical circuits, a pair of two-metre-long banquet tables and four folding gig chairs.

Stones riders used to call for Ping-Pong tables and video games. But the geriatric rockers seem to have dropped the kids’ stuff, preferring to unwind now in their own snooker room.

“The tour carries their own snooker table,” says the rider.

Last year, when the band played Moncton, they signed the table and left it behind to be auctioned off for charity.

The dressing room for Keith Richards is called Camp X-Ray, after the U.S. navy’s detention facility for suspected terrorists in Guantanamo, Cuba.

The 62-year-old guitarist, who has reportedly recovered completely from a head injury suffered in an April 27 fall from a tree while vacationing in Fiji, needs three banquet tables (two of them skinny), a phone line, four folding gig chairs and one large trash can.

X-Ray also needs “one medium white, Casablanca lily arrangement with weeping eucalyptus, delivered in a vase.” The other two band members demand the same, but Sir Mick is adamant he doesn’t want any flowers.

Guitarist Ron Wood’s dressing room, Recovery Room, and that of drummer Charlie Watts, Cotton Club, both need a banquet table, two folding gig chairs and a trash can.

The female vocalist dressing room needs one medium white lily arrangement with white freesia and weeping eucalyptus and one small fresh lavender plant.

The two supporting bands get bouquets of wildflowers. The backstage lounge must have two more lily arrangements and four dozen long-stem white roses.

The roses have to be de-thorned and wrapped in paper. “We will arrange these ourselves,” says the rider.

If the dressing room compound is composed of trailers, they need to be of the “clean, late-model” variety, says the rider.

In fact, the self-described “greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world” seems to be a tad obsessed with tidiness.

“All dressing rooms and rest-rooms should be thoroughly cleaned before our load-in and arrival,” says the rider. “On the morning of show day, we will be requesting another cleanup! Please be sure the cleaning staff has a working vacuum cleaner and uses it thoroughly!”

Concert organizers won’t need to worry about providing couches and curtains for the Stones.

“We carry our own furniture and pipe and drape,” says the rider.

More than 100,000 people are expected to cram the Halifax Commons for the Sept. 23 concert.

“In outdoor situations without toilets, we will require an executive toilet trailer with facilities for men and women,” says the rider. “This trailer must have flushing toilets with hot and cold water. These toilets are to be used only (by) band members and staff. If functioning toilets are not available for non-principals, portajohns may be used as a last resort.”

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Chris Lambie/Halifax-Chronicle Herald

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