Metal File: Walls of Jericho

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Candace Kucsulain isn’t a morning person — not in the slightest. So this summer’s Ozzfest should be interesting for the tattoo-veneered singer who fronts Detroit metalcore collective Walls of Jericho.

It’s bad enough Kucsulain’s going to have to get up at the crack of dawn — she’ll also be expectedto scream at the top of her lungs for hundreds if not thousands of rabid metalheads trying to pound enough brewskis to get them through the morning. But it’s not as though she’s complaining — she’s more than willing to adjust her snoozing schedule for the greater good. It is Ozzfest, after all. “You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do,” she said, with a hesitant laugh.

“It’s such a huge step for us,” she added. “We have to get up there and give it our all. We have to prove ourselves [to the crowd] because there are so many great bands on Ozzfest this year. You know whoever’s playing after you will show you up, so you have to make sure you hold your own out there” — even if you’re taking the second stage at the profane hour of 9 a.m.

But a huge step it is. Walls of Jericho, she said, are used to rattling the walls of nasty dives in front of 300 kids (tops). They’re used to hitting the road crammed in rundown vans (this summer they’ll share a bus with All That Remains) and crashing on strangers’ couches. They’re all still working full-time jobs to pay the bills.

“It’s nice to think you might be able to go out, play to more kids and do this on a regular basis without worrying about those bills,” Kucsulain said. “We never even thought we’d get on Ozzfest. We’ve been together eight years, and all we want to do is make music and have people like it. Ozzfest is perfect for us, and it’s a great time to be doing it, with our record coming out — a record that we know is one of our most important, and what we’ve been putting everything we have into.”

That album, With Devils Amongst Us All, will be in stores June 27 — two days before Ozzfest kicks off in Auburn, Washington. Produced by Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Zao), it will feature about a dozen tracks, none of which have official titles yet. The band started recording the disc March 6 and wrapped things up April 4.

Before Ozzfest, the band will do a run of shows with Bullet for My Valentine and Roses Are Red as part of the Trustkill Takeover Tour. It kicks off May 12 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and winds down May 28 in Sayreville, New Jersey.

Chris Harris and Jon Wiederhorn

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